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Thai Sunshine Developments, herafter called TSD are a real estate and construction company located in Khanom / South West Thailand.They do not follow up their customers.

If they build you a house you have to act as an construction manager yourself. If you complain aboat anything, they will start to harass and thret you. They use workers that is more interested in whiskey drinking than working. Because of all these drunk worker things have to be redone over and over.

They use the cheapest avaible materials so they can put more money in their own pocket. The founder and General manager is also deaf. His wife and Managing director has very bad english skills, so it is almost impossible to comunicate with them. The best you and your wallet can do is to not do business with TSD.

They are also selling land. Lets say you want to sell your land with a little help from TSD, here is what the are doing. You want to sell xm2 of land for 1 million. They will then put it out in the market for 1.3 or maybe 1.5 million.

The normal fee for a real estate broker in Thailand is between 3 and 5%, not 30 to 50 as TSD operate with.So again stay away from TSD and the deaf Dane.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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I herby confirm that TSD and Raptor has come to an agrement that favor both parts, and that our dispute had a lucky outcome mutch thanks to TSD`s will to change their customer policy to the better :)


Oh dear.

Here we all hear about the horror stories of Thais ripping off the naive innocent farangs.

Interesting to follow the forward of this - so far we also hear only bad things about this man.


The campaign against Thai Sunshine Developments is working.A potential land customer was warned today when he showed a prospect with Kristian Olsens name on it.

He was advised to google TSD to read more about their land price scams. TSD are about to dig their own grave. Let us all hope that they will rest for ever, and never rise again.

Good job neigbour.Thanks :) :grin


Raptor can prove that everything he wrote about Thai Sunshine Developments, Deaf Dragon Enterprises Co.Ltd.

and The Dane Kristian Olsen is the truth. Nothing more and nothing less. The man behind the Raptor avetar can hold his hand on the holy bible and still tell that he wrote the truth. He can even be tested in a liedetector if wanted.

TSD is reported to the police. Raptor has contacted a lawyer that will take all the action neded to punish Thai Sunshine Developments for their blackmail, economic fraud, late delivery and damaging their customers belongings / items. 2 days ago we where talking with some locals in the aerea where Raptors house is built. They told us that people in the comunity orderd Thai Sunshine Developments and Kristian Olsen to move out of Sichon Town.

Iff not they will k... him. The reason for this is that he has defrauded a lot of Thai-muslims in the aerea when he sold their beach front land. Most of the people in the aerea will be more than happy to see the danish conman out of business.

He is a shame for the aerea.;)


I am the General Manager for TSD.

I have today filed a complain to the police about these ridicilous lies from Mr. Trym Staumo who is behind this.

In Thailand defamation is a criminal act, and hence Mr. Trym Staumo will be jailed, fined, deported and blacklisted from ever returning to Thailand!

I have supplied the police with 100 pages of proof that Mr. Staumo is defaming me.

He cannot PROVE all his lies, but write this stuff just to harm me and my wife and our company!


Please involve the police *** :grin


Writing the truth to warn other is not defamation.It is fully legal even in Thailand.

Cheating customers and blackmailing them is of course a crime. If you visit thaisunshinedevelopments website you will soon see that Kristian is far from normal after 6 weeks in coma. He is mental sick and act like a psykopat. The only thing I do not like in this case is that his wife that is fronting his company is in danger to be jailed because of Kristian sitting behind the curtain and pulling the strings.

She is raised to do what her husband comand her to do, even if the comands are risky or unlegal.

Shame on you Mr.Olsen :cry


Good try, Mr.Staumo.

Have fun!

We will now finally report you to the police for defamation and libel!You´ve been warned over and over again - Now our patience is over!


How can Thai Sunshine Developments treat their customers right when they even harass their own employes.I realy hope this *** dude go down the drain ASAP.

The companys cash is equal to zero, and they are desperate to cheat their customers to keep their criminal heads over the water. But they will hopefully drown very very soon. They are not only cheating foreigners but also Thaipeople.

It is just a matter of time before the Deaf Dragon is history.8)


I have heard that they have financial problems, and most likely will go bankerupt very soon. Nobody will miss them :p

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